^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote in recipes_daily,

Eggs in a basket

You might have seen this dish from V for Vendetta.
I plan on making this for my husband.

Eggs in a basket
1 slice white bread
1 egg
1 tablespoon melted butter,margerine or cooking oil

Preparation typically begins by cutting a circular
hole in the center of a piece of bread with a cookie
cutter or upside down glass (or simply pinching out
a half-dollar sized hole). The bread is then fried
in a pan with butter, margarine or cooking oil.
When browned satisfactorily, the egg is cracked into
the "basket" cut into the toast. The egg is then
fried to the desired consistency. When eaten, the bread
and egg yolk mix readily, giving this egg dish its special quality.

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